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Ana & Guillermo Melgar are the ideal business sponsors in this technological age we live in.

Ana is a people person who above all, loves helping people achieve success. She is a retired medical doctor whose education included hollistic medicine, besides the standard mainstream medicine. She has found in online marketing an effective means to help people reach higher levels of good health and life enjoyment. She possesses also a remarkable business experience, helping people with their real estate goals and dreams. She loves sharing her knowledge and being a friend and encourager to those who want to improve their lives, especially in the fields of health and economic independence.

Guillermo (Bill) is a retired professional engineer who, through networking, enjoys helping others to attain their financial goals. He has ample experience marketing online, so he knows how to effectively use the Internet to expand their market share and he teaches those who want to learn to do the same. His passion is supporting associates and teaching beginners to achieve success.

Both of them are fluent in English and Spanish. They are active members in their church and volunteers in a couple of outreach programs. Although savvy in technical matters, they don't neglect the profoundly relational nature of network marketing. Their associates count on them not just as commited sponsors but as sincere friends and mentors.

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