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Home Based Business Leader Shares The Truth About Income Online In MLM

Business Model: Assured Income Online

Imagine: firing your boss, doing the things you love, all your dreams becoming real one by one, knowing that your financial future is assured because your business assures you of a relaiable Income Online. Let’s be clear. The ONLY way for a network marketer to be successful is to build a reliable Income Online. That’s it!

Chances are you have already tried it, chances are you have not been as successful as you desired. Don’t blame yourself. Most companies are designed to have less than 20% of its associates succeed, while the remaining 80% are kind of a revolving door because people are continually signing up and quitting just after 2 or 3 month. Jason’s video explains that people in the typical MLM companies quit because these 3 reasons:

  1. Overpriced products and high monthly purchase quota. Why would people stay if they are spending more than before? After a short while it doesn’t make sense anymore and 80% quit.
  2. Products people are not used to buying. People are expected to create totally new buying habits, get used to new products foreign to their culture and to their normal budget. They try for 2 or 3 months and quit disenchanted.
  3. The 80% of people never get a check. Most of the money is distributed among just the 20% that stays longer, including the "heavy hitters".

But there's a Solution! ~ We've found a Billion dollar Consumer Product Company that has experienced continued growth for the past 28 years, and it is poised to become one of the leading companies in the consumable product industry. This is not really a multi-level marketing scheme – We've got tired of those business models – We were looking for something real, honest, which would work without the hype. And We've got it! – This company offers:

  1. Lower prices than those in grocery stores and Costco.
  2. Lower monthly purchase commitment than MLM companies. People need to spend no more than $50 - $60 per month, which is very easy, given that this company offers more than 400 high quality consumable products to chose from.
  3. Consumable products of the kind people are used to buying every month, necessity products that don't require new buying habits. People have been buying them all their lives. Customers have just changed where they shop.
  4. Associates, including the 80% that doesn't do the business, get rebate checks ad documented savings that give them a reason to continue ordering month after month.

That's how this company makes it possible for its associates to grow their reliable Income Online.

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